Patterrn Assembly
Quick Start
Step 1
Login using your email address and password. This will take you to the My Patterns page.
Step 2
Locate the pattern that you want to work with.
Step 3
Select the size that you want to print. This will take you to the Print page.
Step 4
Select your printer from the list of printers and then select your paper type.
Step 5
Now click the print button.
Detailed Instructions
Step 1
Purchase printable patterns from one of our partner websites.
Step 2
An e-mail will be sent to you confirming your order which includes a USER ID, PASSWORD and LINK to the website for printing.
Step 3
Click the link in your email. This will take you to the website for printing.
Step 4
Enter USER ID and PASSWORD, then click on the Log-In button.
Step 5
Change password if desired, by clicking on the Support button at the top of the page.
Step 6
You should be at the 'MY PATTERNS' section, your patterns will be listed below.
Step 7
Locate the pattern that you want to work with, and choose a pattern size. If you have already chosen a size , click on the continue arrow to view.
Step 8
The pattern will come up on the screen broken down into pages to print.
Step 9
PRINTER SELECTION: Choose from the list of printers found on your computer.
Step 10
PAPER SELECTION: Choose from the list of paper types your selected printer supports. (Make sure you have ink and paper in your printer.)
Step 11
Hit the PRINT bottom at the top-right part of the page.
Step 12
Your printed pages should now be in order according to Row number, then Column number (Row 1/Column 1, Row 1/Column 2, Row 2/Column 1, Row 2/Column 2, etc.). Trim TOP and LEFT margins (There should not be any "White Space" on the TOP or LEFT of printed pages).
Step 13
Lay the printed pages from Left to Right, Top to Bottom, overlapping each sheet.
Step 14
To adhere pages together, turn sheet over, then apply a thin layer of adhesive (we recommend using rubber cement) to the top and right edges of each sheet, EXCEPT the top edge of Row 1 and the right edge of Column 1.
Why use rubber cement?
PrintSew recommends the use of rubber cement to adhere pages together. Rubber cement is a very forgiving adhesive. In the event that you apply excessive amounts of glue, allow the adhesive to dry, then simply rub the excess cement off of the backside of the pages. This will also prevent adhesive from sticking to your fabric.
Step 15
That's it! You're now ready to start making your garment! Simply place your pattern on top of your fabric and cut away!

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